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The Ultimate Guide to Matter Benchmarking
How and when to benchmark your legal matters.
When it comes to your matters, it’s easy to select outside counsel based on your relationships in an effort to get things handled the right way. But that can be an expensive decision.

How do you know which firm will deliver the best value for your money? Are you overpaying certain firms? And are your costs based on rates or staffing?

As legal departments are asked to do more with less – not to mention defend their spend internally – these are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

But which matters should you benchmark? And how can you best use those benchmarks to serve your needs – whether it’s easier budgeting, cutting costs, or simply improving your outside counsel management?

Knowing when and how to leverage matter benchmarks is a critical step in budgeting smarter, negotiating harder, and making more strategic decisions about your matters.

The Ultimate Guide to Matter Benchmarking

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