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Why Annual Budgeting Isn't Enough Anymore
The how, what, and when of legal forecasting
Budgeting season is (largely) behind us. But, the COVID-19 and macroeconomic pressures GCs were dealing with then are still very much present — and are further complicated by record inflation and talent recruitment challenges.

Following up on Axiom's 2022 Legal Budgeting Strategy, this new eBook revisits the financial exercise in light of these new and evolving circumstances.

And instead of focusing on increasing agility through year-end planning, it examines how dynamic forecasting can help GCs better address spend in real-time.

Download it now to learn:
  • The difference between legal budgeting and legal forecasting
  • The legal department pain points of 2022
  • Three steps for implementing agility-based forecasting now
  • Agility-based financial modeling
Why Annual Budgeting Isn't Enough Anymore

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